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Murray’s Mini Tennis

25 Nov

As a huge fan of Andy Murray, when I found this video, I was beyond enthralled. Check it out:

adidas is all in

16 Mar

adidas is set to launch a huge ad campaign and here is the first of what I am guessing will be a few commercials.

My only beef: NO TENNIS!

What’s with that?!

Women’s Fashion – AO Style

29 Dec

Last week we profiled the sub-par men’s spring fashion and now, to end the year, we are looking at the future of women’s tennis fashion … at least the spring and early summer lines.

While not her biggest fan, this make-up for Serena would have rocked down-under.

Just like Serena, Oudin's new Wilson outfit (she just left adidas) will match well with the blue courts of Australia.

Her adidas piece from Stella is pretty flat, although a new look for all the majors is a good start for Woz.

Again ... just look at the colors! They don't work with the blue! Come on Nike!

Should be an interesting fortnight in Melbourne. (Aces to Tennis Identity for the leads on all these new looks.)

Sub-Par Men’s Looks

23 Dec

Just did some searching on the fashion we’re about to see at next month’s Australian Open. Last year saw some awesome looks on the men’s side with Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray topping the list. In a quick search for this year … here is what you’re about to see.


Defending champion Roger Federer goes back to his "gold" look.

Andy Murray has two looks ... with a great green hue.

Rafael Nadal goes to a softer tone in this year's Australian Open.

Tsonga and Verdasco bring some interesting looks from Adidas.

I’m a little disappointed in Nadal’s look. I enjoyed his last few looks which brought interesting color combinations together. I’m mostly disappointed in Adidas this time around. I love their company the most, but Murray’s design is old, but the color is cool. The same goes for Tsonga and Verdasco, cool colors, horrid design.

Next week we’ll look at some of the women’s looks.